GRFF Info.


Hello Readers.

Just wanted to provide you with all the information you’ll need regarding the upcoming Grand River Film Festival and how you can see 3x – which was shortlisted for the GRFF Shortcuts Competition.

There will be 2 screenings of all 6 shorts, including 3x. They will both be on Saturday, October 25th.

The first is being held held at the Children’s Museum in downtown Kitchener and starts at 3.30 PM.

The second being held at the School of Architecture in downtown Cambridge and starts at 5.30 PM.

Both screenings are on a “Pay-what-you-can” basis, so please do come out, empty your change purses, and enjoy some fantastic films.

There will also be a showing of just 3x preceding the film Sasori at 5.30 at Wilfred Laurier — however this would require you to purchase a ticket to the screening of Sasori, which we don’t expect anyone to do. If you do however want to check it out, tickets can be purchased online, at the GRFF box-office (see their site for details), for 15-minutes prior to the film’s start time. Again, see site for details (it’s a little confusing).

Finally, we will be sure to keep everyone abreast of how we end up doing in the festival, along with anything exciting that happens a long the way.

If you have any questions be sure to check out the Grand River Film Festival website first, and if you can’t find it there let us know and we’ll do our best to fill you in.

We hope to see you there!




Woke up this morning to an e-mail from the folks at the Grand River Film Festival. Turns out that our film, 3x, has been selected for the top six in their Short Film Competition.

The winners will be announced at the Closing Gala, Sunday October 26, 2008 at 7:30PM, University of Waterloo, School of Architecture 7 Melville Street South, Cambridge, Ontario.

Of course I have no idea if we have a shot at winning (if everything was amateur films, or professional films) but just to be selected is a real honour! Especially since, judging by the application I had to fill out, the competition is catered more towards the professionals than amateurs.

For more information (including a list of all the shorts submitted) check out the GRFF website

Wish us luck!

It’s been a long while since the last update…

This year in my design class I’ve been given the task to create a one shot. For those of you unfamiliar with the term it is essentially what the name implies: one continuous long shot. The camera starts, action occurs, and the camera cuts, usually many minutes later. There are plenty of examples in cinema, and many films have tried to top each preceding film with the sheer complexity of their one-shots.

When I first read the script for 3x I was stuck by the possibility for the inclusion of such a thing. Not only that, since I was watching a lot of ReGenesis I also had the idea of doing lots of split screens. And since, afterall, we were trying to win a Charlie I thought what better way to show off than to not only have a split screen but a one shot split screen — two contiuous one shots that meet up at the end.

It was ambitious.

It was difficult.

It was beautiful.

It was cut.

Sort of.

The entire scene made it into the first cut of the film, which was viewed by a select few. However for timing purposes it was truncated for the final “awards” version.  While elements of it remain, a lot of the magic wore off since it no longer appeared to be TWO continuous 3 minute shots that matched up in the end.

But because of this project, and the numerous examples we’d been watching it got me thinking back to our one shot and I wanted to share it with some friends.

So here it is the complete sequence, the way it was in the original cut.



We knew from the get-go that we essentially had one shot (no pun intended) to do the scene. Robin had to burn a hole in her shirt, and cover it with blood. The first take had to be perfect or else we were screwed. We rehearsed the scene at least 8 times (in full, from start to finish) before we went ahead and shot it. However, believe it or not, we actually had to do a second take. Robin didn’t put enough blood on the shirt for it to be noticeable to the camera and as such we had to re-do the scene. Luckily for us, the hole she burnt was on a black stripe (which meant it was virtually unnoticeable) and since the camera couldn’t see the blood anyways we knew we could do the scene again without any issues. We did, and it went over flawlessly.

Also, this was one of the very first sequences I edited. After we wrapped our first weekend of shooting I immediately began capturing and editing scene together. Since not all the film was shot I had only a few select scenes to work with. The split screen was one of them and so it was among those first completed scenes which I showed to the cast/crew a week later. It is also one of the only scenes that by and large wasn’t changed from that very first version (the only difference then was the music played).

Please, sound off in the comments about what you think!

Our producer Mitch put together this video from our recent trip to the 2008 Charlie Awards.

A Devine Comedy



Just wanted to make everyone aware that another film of ours has made it online. For those of you unfamiliar with our second film of last year, Death, all you need to know is that it’s full of laughs, sexual inuendo, and pork.

For those of you who are familiar with it, you should still check it out because it is a different version from the one we showed originally!

So what are you waiting for? Check it Out!

Note: This version of Death is a workprint and as such contains sections that are not fully edited, and colour corrected.

Well folks it’s that time of the year: Oscar season. And with Oscar Season comes Screener Season – screeners being shipped to academy voters… and those screeners being leaked to the web.

And we thought – why shouldn’t 3x join in the Screener fun? Sure it’s not up for an Oscar, and sure its not on par with even the worst of the Oscar Noms (okay… well maybe not Atonement) but the amount of request I get to see it is crazy so I wanted to give you all the chance.

and SINCE my new website has officially launched – *cough**cough* – it’s now super easy for everyone to get to.

The video is encoded in flash – which I realize isn’t ideal for all (I prefer quicktime for its iPod readiness and much higher quality) – but that should make it easy for everyone to play, all you need is the flash 9 player (and even Pearl’s computer should be able to run it).We’re working on getting the Quicktime version all nicely embedded – but it’s going to take some hacking.

So in the meantime check out


and get your fix of 3x this Oscar Season!

Recently, Facebook added the ability to create “Pages” which are essentially profiles for companies, products, bands, celebrities, etc.

Naturally since we like to stay on top of the Web 2.0 world, we signed up. Not much there now, but hopefully it will grow – both in content and most importantly fans.

So if you are a fan of what we do here at Moving Pictures, please check it out and join up! We’d love to have ya along for the ride!


Moving Pictures on Facebook

We Have a Logo.


Yup, that’s right, a logo. And what a logo it is!

Special thanks to everyone who gave some insight, especially Scott Wise for solving my large delema.

Best part is – it’s now been implemented as a font so it can be used in credit-rolls. Very cool!


In short, school. In Toronto! Yes, Moving Pictures has made the big move to the concrete jungle and has been settling in nicely. But as such we’ve been very busy getting school work done, however we are still in the process of working on projects.

Currently the 3x DVD is still being worked on, albeit slowly. Currently it’s a sheer matter of trying to come up with what to tackle next. The basic definitive cut is in place, with a few scenes still needing re-working. Most of the issues rely on sound and just minor, yet detail oriented (read: time consuming) tweaks.

To change it up a bit I’ve gone back and begun finishing up a cleaner cut of Death. I’ve never really been happy with what we ended up with and so I’ve gone back and begun to tweak. However once again, finding a starting point is the toughest part (especially since everytime I watch it I begin to become more and more frustrated, wishing we could go back and do better quality reshoots). However, I have begun to colour correct the whole thing which is not only soothing, but actually makes the film begin to flow better. I must admit the results are very nice!

Anyways that was just a quick update so you know where we’re at. We’ll talk to you all again very soon.


Greatest Fro

So this is what passes for Comedies these days?

Somebody please kill me. Now.